How to save yourself from getting conned at petrol pumps: Key tips | how-to

2022-10-22 19:26:40 By : Ms. Emma Yin

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When we visit petrol pumps to refuel the fuel tank of our cars or bikes, or scooters, we often don't pay much attention to how the sales representative is selling the fuel. However, petrol or diesel being two of the most expensive commodities in the country after a series of price hikes and short selling and selling adultered fuel being common phenomenons across the country, we should pay attention to the process. Otherwise, there are risks of getting conned at the petrol pumps.

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In February 2022, Indian oil and gas minister Dharmendra Pradhan stated that Delhi ranked third among the states for petrol pump fraud. It has been reported that short selling is a common issue at the petrol pumps in the national capital, like in any other state across the country. In this case, refuelling stations sell less fuel than asked but take the money for the quoted amount by the buyer, hence cheating the consumer.

Several cases are filed annually around the country reporting short selling by the petrol pumps, but that could be the tip of the iceberg because most of such cases go unreported. However, consumer awareness and alertness can save buyers from such petrol pump fraud. Here is how you can save yourself from getting conned at the petrol pumps.

To save yourself from short-selling at a refuelling station, when you go to purchase fuel, make sure the delivery person puts the filling machine at zero after refuelling the previous customer's vehicle. Also, watch out for the start-stop trick. If you are not satisfied with the machine's readings even after putting it at zero and filling your vehicle with the asked quantity of fuel, you can ask for the five-litre quantity test.

All the petrol pumps have a five-litre measure certified by the Weights & Measures Department. If the five-litre measure fills up fully with the same quantity of fuel disbursed by the filling machine, you can be assured that the fuel pump is not short-fuelling your vehicle. Otherwise, you can take the necessary steps and report the fraud to the concerned authority.

The outlet should display the selling price of petrol and diesel prominently. This keeps the consumer aware of the current price of the fuel. Also, the dealer is not allowed to overcharge for the fuel sold. Whenever you buy the fuel, tally the price charged by the dealer with the displayed price. Also, don't forget to take the cash memo for the fuel you purchase.

While short-fuelling and overpricing could be two of the issues with some petrol pumps, another issue is selling adultered fuel. Such low-quality fuel can cause serious damage to the engine of your vehicle. You can check that with a filter paper test. Putting a few drops of petrol on the paper will define if it is up to the mark or adultered. If the petrol is pure, it will evaporate without leaving any stains. However, if it is adultered, the petrol drops will leave some stains on the paper.

Ensure the machine is at zero before you start refuelling your vehicle.

Opt for a five-litre quantity test.

Check and tally the displayed price with the invoice.

Opt for filter paper test to check if the fuel is pure or adultered.