Acid Resistant Polyester Cloth Liquid Filter Bag

materialPP(polypropylene)PE (polyester)ApplicationrangeWater tank, aquarium,filter kettle, refine sugar,filter, water purifier,water, beverage andchemical liquiduse Water, drink, chemical liquidApplicableobjectwater, beverage,chemical liqu

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PE (polyester)
Water tank, aquarium,
filter kettle, refine sugar,
filter, water purifier,
water, beverage and
chemical liquid
Water, drink, chemical liquid
water, beverage,
chemical liquid
As shown the right side in
the picture "specification(um)"
0.25(m2)performanceresistance to acids and alkalistype180*450
                                          ECOGRACE LIQUID FILTER BAG
·   Product description
·   name:liquid filter bag
·   material:polyester, polypropylene
·   specification:
                1.   diameter: 180mm*400mm
                2.   diameter: 180mm*800mm
·   product advantage
·   mainly used in: food and beverage, biological engineering and medicine, petrochemical and chemical, automobile manufacturing, oil and natural gas, electronics and electroplating, paint and paint ink, nuclear power and thermal power and waste liquid filtration, film production process liquid filtration, daily chemical liquid and gas purification, mechanical processing and refrigeration industry all kinds of coolant filtering, textile and printing and dyeing and paper industry and various liquid filtration;  along the mouth of filter bag material; stainless steel ring, galvanized steel ring and polypropylene plastic ring.:
1.product name: ECOGRACE filter bag
   Introduce:ordinary filter bag is made of polyester fiber filter cloth (PE), polypropylene fiber filter cloth(PP) and nylon monofilament mesh(-MO).
    PE,PP is deep three dimensional filtering material,  100% pure fiber made by needle mode, form the three-dimensional highly puffy three-dimensional depth, twists and turns of the filter layer. Its characteristic is loose fibrous tissue Increasing the capacity of impurity loads. The product is belong to compound intercepting mode, effectively clean solid and soft particles, the larger particles impurities trapped in the fiber surface,and fine particles are caught in the depth of filter material, to ensure that it will not be damaged in working when increasing pressure, has higher filter efficiency; in additional, the products outer surface layer has the high temperature surface heat treatment, that is the application of instant sintering technology/pressure light processing, when filtering can effectively prevent the fiber loss by liquid high-speed impact,not only ensure no fiber breakaway from the filtrate pollution phenomenon, but also avoid the traditional roller processing causing filter hole block and shorten the life of filter bag . Differential pressure small, does not affect the flow speed at the same time, the precision is 1-200 micron.
   Mo is to use non-deformable nylon spinning of the woven mesh according to the specifications specified,after heat setting become monofilament net; Its characteristic is high strength Will have no deformation because of the change of pressure, Monofilament weave constitutes the smooth surface easy to clean,Can be used repeatedly, at the same time it is suitable for the liquid filter used in some of the high content of impurities,to reduce the filter cost. The  precision is 20-550 mesh (25μm-840μm).
2. filter bag mouth and ring mouth material:
Stainless steel ring, galvanized steel ring, polyester and polypropylene ring

3. filter bag material and alias:
    filtration bag, filter bag, plastic ring bag, steel ring bag, hot melt bag, seam
    bag, nonwoven bag, PE bag, PP bag, MO bag, RY bag, PTEE bag.
4. filter bag normal sizes:
    1 filter bag: Φ180×450mm (Φ7×17 inch)
    2 filter bag:Φ180×810mm (Φ7×32 inch)
    3 filter bag:Φ105×230mm (Φ4×9 inch)
    4 filter bag:Φ105×380mm (Φ4×15 inch)
    5 filter bag:Φ152×510mm (Φ6×20 inch)
5. filter bag normal precision
    1 micron, 5 micron,10 micron...100 micron.
6.  filter bag material and chemical compatibility
Strong acidgoodexcellentpoornormalexcellent
Weak acidfineexcellentnormalgoodExcellent
Strong alkalipoorexcellentexcellentgoodExcellent
Weak alkaligoodexcellentexcellentgoodexcellent
Oxidizing agentgoodpoornormalgoodfine
Abrasion resistancefinefineexcellentnormalpoor

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